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WILCOX has the COMPLETE set of solutions for your furrow and bed compaction, bed reclamation, drip tape and Fall and Spring tillage needs!


>> In-Furrow Chisel:

  • Cuts trash;
  • Saves drip tape;
  • Rips compacted furrows;
  • Breaks up clods;
  • Crumblers control depth;
  • Designed to work with the Performer for the entire post-harvest bed reclamation tillage operations.
  • More

>> Heavy Duty Performer - Ground driven (not PTO driven) capable of Primary and Secondary Tillage - ONE MACHINE does what traditionally takes FIVE machines!

  • Fall bed reclamation
  • Cuts trash;
  • Mulches beds;
  • Saves drip tape;
  • Fall or Spring listing;
  • Superior bed shaping;
  • Pre-plant fertilizer;
  • Side Dresses;
  • Lay-by Operations.
  • More