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MORE About the Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel

Your tomato crop is history, and now you’re left with the post-harvest aftereffects to deal with while get ready for next year’s crop as fast as you can.

-  How do you get rid of the heavy complication in your furrows without complexly starting all over to remake your beds? 

-  How do you protect the long term investment you’ve made in your drip tape irrigation system?

-  How to you get a head start eliminating post-harvest trash on the top and sides of your beds, repairing bed erosion and eliminating the moderate compaction on the sides of your beds from bin trailers?

The answer is simple, because there is only one tillage tool on the market designed to do what the Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel accomplishes for you in one post-harvest pass over your existing beds.

Match up your Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel with the Wilcox Performer, and you have the: most complete and cost effective commercial tomatoes bed tillage system available for:

- Fall bed rejuvenation and shaping;

- Fall pre-fertilizing;

- Spring and fall pre-fertilizing and herbicide incorporation

- Spring side dressing and lay-by operations!

- 60 inch and 80 inch bed width options.

Successful growers throughout the state have proven this is a one-two, advanced tomato tillage solution that is in a class of it’s own! 

If you do not already own a Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel or Performer, put the Wilcox ADVANTAGE to work for  you today!  Contact your Wilcox Agri-Products dealer for more information.