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Configured below for Fall bed work. (One bed cutaway drawing without frame.) 


Well before the close of your 2010 tomato crop harvest, you know it’s already time to begin tillage plans for your 2011 crop.  How do you plan your tillage operations for:

  • maximizing yield potential,
  • saving  your drip tape investment if you’ve already made it or plan to,
  • rejuvenating, listing and shaping your beds for 2011, and
  • stretching your equipment capital investment dollar to the max?

The answer is simple and direct.  The Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer!  In the Fall/Early Spring bed work configuration, you get maximum cultural benefit in one pass - bed fracturing, mulching and aeration, listing, shaping in addition to other options you may choose - like pre-plant fertilizer injection or herbicide incorporation.

Configured below for Spring pre-planting work. (One bed cutaway drawing without frame.) 


Before you know it, Spring 2011 will arrive and the push to get your tomatoes in the grown and growing will be stronger than ever.  There’s a window of opportunity you must hit to maximize your harvest potential... you can’t afford not to!

You need all the fire power you can get, focused right on and in your beds where it is needed most.  The ground driven (Not PTO driven) Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer does that for you!

  • If you missed listing your beds in the fall, the Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer lists and more!
  • Finishing knives replace Fall ripper shanks to break up any bed compaction and prepare the soil for mulching and final shaping.
  • Taking care of your pre-plant fertilizer and herbicide application and incorporation are a breeze, all in the same pass - even if you have drip tape! 


Configured below for Spring side dressing and lay-by work. (One bed cutaway drawing without frame.) 


Your plants are growing well, and your tillage focus shifts. You need side dressing and lay by operations NOW, and at speeds up to 7 mph!

You DON’T NEED another piece of tillage equipment to do this.  You simply make easy to perform, on the spot field adjustments to your HD Performer and shift your focus into high gear... handling side dressing and lay-by at speeds that will bring a smile to your face! 

When you’re done, it’s time to prepare for a great harvest ahead.  You can also pat yourself on the back for being wise enough to have invested your equipment capital in the one machine that can take the place of 5 - and do a better job in helping you maximize your tomato tillage cultural benefits, saving you money and helping you improve yield - a WINNING COMBINATION for sure!

MORE About the Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer.

If bed compaction and drip tape preservation is your first challenge when preparing for next year’s crop, then Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel is your first solution. 

But whether your first post-harvest pass is with with the In-Furrow Chisel or not, the Wilcox Performer is your key to the fastest, most cost-effective bed preparation AND spring lay-by and side dressing operations tillage tool available for Western growers.

- The Wilcox heavy-duty Performer is capable for both Conservation and Minimum tillage functions.

- It does the work of as many as five separate machines, and does it better! 

- It Rips, Lists, Shapes, Mulches, Finishes, Cultivates, Injects Fertilizer and Incorporates Herbicide - ALL with one machine.

- It is ground driven - NOT PTO driven, and affords you low maintenance service for multiple bed widths (up to 90 inches) that are as smooth, flat and well mulched  as with slow, expensive PTO driven mulches.

- It also breaks clods, seals bed moisture, and in most cases, enhances it.

- It has proven itself as a winner in wet conditions by avoiding a build up slabs slabs that later transform themselves into rock hard clods.

- Chisel shank locations and depths are adjustable, enabling you to protect your drip tape if you have it.

- The Performer lists and shapes in one pass, using an adjustable rear bed shaper that can be set from flat to as high as 12 inches.

- The Performer produces no lateral thrust, so it drafts much straighter than than disk type units. Bearings will also last longer because of this reduced thrust load.

Maximize your return on equipment investment AND get your 2011 crop off to the best possible start for a high yield season. By the time you add up your operating costs, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to find a pretty darn nice cost savings as well!

Match up your Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel with the Wilcox Performer, and you have the most complete and cost effective processing tomatoes bed tillage system available for:

- Fall bed rejuvenation and shaping;

- Fall fertilizer incorporation;

- Fall and Spring pre-fertilizer and herbicide incorporation;

- Spring side dressing and lay-by operations.

- 60 inch and 80 inch bed width options.

Successful growers throughout the state know this is proven this is a one-two, advanced tomato tillage solution that is in a class of it’s own!  Find out for yourself!

If you do not already own a Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel or Performer, put the Wilcox ADVANTAGE™ to work for  you today!  Contact your Wilcox Agri-Products dealer for more information.