Special Tomato Growers supplement to our web site.

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“The success of your 2011 tomato crop starts with the decisions you make NOW!”


We have the best, most advanced ag tillage solutions in the industry to handle all of your tomato tillage needs - including drip tape preservation. 

We’ve published this special supplement to our web site to support our dealers in helping you learn more about how our tillage solutions can help you grow your best crop ever, lower operating costs, and maximize Return on Investment on your tomato tillage equipment.

very year, grower orders  for In-Furrow Chisels and Performers peak right after harvest, exceeding production delivery schedules for  for late Summer and early Fall field deliveries when they are most needed.

Don’t miss out.  Place your orders NOW for timely late summer and early Fall delivery when you will need advanced tillage solutions for you 2011 crop

If you have additional questions and/or when you’re ready to place your order, please contact your Wilcox dealer.  If we can provide additional support, please use the Contact Page on our website to let us know how we can further assist  you.

Thank you!

Wilcox Agri-Products Inc.


Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel


Wilcox Performer

NOTHING out performs the Wilcox In-Furrow Chisel and the Heavy Duty PERFORMER when it comes to tomato bed tillage - from fall trash incorporation, elimination of furrow and bed comp action, bed reclamation and shaping to spring side-dressing and lay-by operations.

WILCOX AGRI-PRODUCTS has your COMPLETE solution for advanced tomato tillage management, cost savings & Return on Investment!