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Chinese Visitors


Tulare  2012 Slide Show


New WILCOX Bed Mulcher


WILCOX Logo Gear Mannequins - Bob and Alice - were a new addition this year  to our Logo Gear sales area at our Ag Exp exhibit.


WILCOX Agri-Products , World Ag Expo 2012, Tulare CA February 14, 15  & 16, 2012

Every February we look forward to meeting old friends and new at our WILCOX Agri-Products Exhibit at the World Ag  Expo in Tulare, CA.  Billed the largest ag exposition in the world, this show attracts growers from the Western and South Western United States, Mexico,  and literally from across the nation and around the world.

Each year our goal is to elevate the value of our Exhibit for grower engagement and the available  tillage solutions information our product line provides Western, South Western and Mexican growers (and a growing number of of international growers as well).

This we year added several “WILCOX Mini-Billboards” to our exhibit to provide easy to see, detailed information about several of our most popular tillage tools.  

In addition, we added new WILCOX HD videos for big screen presentation in the Solutions Center area of our 19,200 square foot exhibit area.  They covered grower testimonials for our WILCOX Eliminator and a company and key product overview.,

For the second year, we  also featured our state of the art, Eliminator Savings & Profitability Calculator as part of the grower resources available in our Solutions Center.  It provides a grower with an opportunity to estimate the economic  impact of a change from conventional tillage practices to a WILCOX Eliminator/Conservation Tillage strategy.  The calculator computes the cost savings impact and evaluates the affordability of the purchase of a new WILCOX Eliminator.  It also calculates the affordability of a new,  high HP tractor from Eliminator generated cost savings.

Our WILCOX Logo Gear was a big hit with visitors this year, and rounded out our 2012 exhibit.

This year we introduced our WILCOX Bed Mulcher at the Tulare show.  You can view this new member of the WILCOX product line on our WILCOX YouTube Channel by clicking this link.  

We are already making plans for elevating our World Ag Expo exhibit come February, 2013!  Mark you 2013 calendars for February 12, 13 &14.  See you then!

Check out our World Ag Expo 2012 Slide Show to see more of that event.

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